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Miniature Painting Workshops

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From Axel:

Over the past years I have learned a lot about miniature painting. I love this hobby (and job) and wanted to pass some of my knowledge on to others, hopefully igniting their passion for this wonderful hobby.

Therefore, I started to give painting classes. Some private, some for and with friends and some at big events throughout the Netherlands and Germany. ALL of them resulted in great fun and it gave me great satisfaction to pass on some of my knowledge and (maybe most important) information about all the mistakes I made during my painting career. 

If you and your friends want to take part in one of these classes, send me a quick request or give me a call and I'll make sure to start planning as soon as possible.


What do we offer?
Anything goes. But here are some bullet-points:


We can provide high quality miniatures
we print from a wide range of designers or use your heroforge or eldritch-foundry files so your mini will be ready to paint once we start.

You can bring your own miniatures
and paint them with a professional painter at your side.

Our workshop has enough space
for one-on-one coaching, small groups or even larger events with 25 or more people.

Everything you need is provided
Paints, brushes, palettes, tools, workspace. 

Airbrush stations in house
Want to learn how to airbrush? No problem.

Workshops tailored to your level
Beginner, intermediate or advanced classes possible. Painting workshops will be designed to work for you. 

Learn the techniques you want
like glazing, shading, wet-blending or inks? We discuss what you want to focus on.

Get some background knowledge
Need a nerdy TED-Talk about miniature painting? Want to know about the physics behind miniature painting? Behavior of light and shadows? Surface tension of washes? Ask no more ;)!

Make it yours!
We are situated in an old empty prison in Utrecht. There's plenty of room to order or prepare food, hang out in the courtyards or even start a bonfire out back. Lots of possibilities to round out your paint event. We even have a tennis court ;).


Prices vary depending on time, amount of participants, preparation time and other variables. Please send a request to receive a quote.

Want to book a Workshop?
Contact us directly or use the form below!

Tel: +31 6 46814604



Bedankt voor het indienen!

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