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About us!

The Pink Orc Story

Het idee voor wat nu "Pink Orc Studios" is, begon begin 2020 in Utrecht, Nederland, met het doel om een professioneel platform te creëren voor wat we al heel lang leuk vinden:

Miniaturen schilderen!

Sinds medio 2020 werken we samen met "Silver Heron Studios", voorheen bekend als "", die ons voorziet van een vrijwel onbeperkte bron van nieuwe miniaturen, exposure en de mogelijkheid om ons professioneel bezig te houden met 3D printen en schilderen.

Wij houden van de Hobby en onze missie is om iedereen de minis te geven die ze verdienen om de MEEST FUN te krijgen van het spelen en/of verzamelen van tabletop games en miniaturen. We schilderen en spelen zelf veel prachtige minispellen en sinds 2022 zijn we zeer geïnteresseerd in het organiseren van workshops miniaturen schilderen om deze prachtige hobby aan iedereen die geïnteresseerd is te leren.

Sinds het allereerste begin is ons kleine team gestaag gegroeid en we zijn trots op en ontzettend dankbaar voor de mensen die zich onderweg bij ons hebben aangesloten, hoe groot of klein hun bijdrage ook is geweest.

Blijf veilig! 

Axel & Lotte (Pink Orc Studios)

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Turtle Druid.png

Meet the Team

Axel (Founder, Painter and Teacher)

I always liked fantasy, but I never embraced it ... until COVID hit and I needed a hobby!


As a trained stemcell scientist I worked for over 10 years in the academic sciences before founding PINK ORC STUDIOS in 2020. Never regretted it. The miniature painting part that is ;).

I'm German. But less organized and less punctual than my fellow brethren. I fell in love with the Netherlands in 2012 and never left. Which was quite a far move for me since I grew up in the tiny city of Ravensburg near the border to Austria. 

I play Dungeons and Dragons, Warcry, KillTeam, Warhammer 40k and a plethora of boardgames. My favorite one: Spirit Island.  


Bill (Painter and Teacher)

Hey, my name is Bill. I'm a miniature painter, American Football player and Chemistry/Physics tech support at a middle school.

I love to play Dungeons and Dragons and a big part of that is painting miniatures. Most of the tabletop games that I play are miniature based. Hence my passion to paint them up! 

I love to play boardgames and have a drink with my friends. And if I had to chose two things that you can wake me up for at night I'd chose a good talk and some nice food. Especially the latter!

Duane (Painter, Teacher and Wargamer)

Hey, my name is Duane. I'm a South African miniature painter, Wargamer and trained Archaeologist currently working as a dental technician.

Having played Wargames for more than 20 years, miniatures have been a constant part of my life. I've dabbled in almost every Wargame that has ever been invented and painted up minis for almost all of them. 


Kilian (Painter)

Hello everyone, my name is Kilian and I am 18 years old. I am studying restauration and decoration at Nimeto. I started miniature painting around 4 years ago.


I love to paint in my spare time and I am still learning every day to do it quicker and make the models stand out more. I also love to teach people the basics so they can try it out for themselves.

Check me out at: @playart_miniatures

Silver Heron Logo.png

Jelle and Marije (Founders Silver Heron Studios)

"Silver Heron Studios", formerly known as "Miniprinten". 3D printing, Sio-Casting, Woodworking, Laser-Cutting and Laser-Engraving


Annelot (Photographer, graphic design)

Hi there, I'm Annelot! Photographer and graphic designer with a twist. I started with cosplay photography in 2020.


With an eye for detail and love for TTRPG's, I would soon switch from real life-sized characters to tiny, tabletop miniatures as a product photographer

In 2023 I was able to add music photography to my portfolio. Aside from that I love to illustrate and create graphic imagery fit for any type of brand.

Find me at:,

Lulu (Eats paint, chews minis and sleeps ... a lot)

Hey, my name is Lulu. I'm a (at time of writing) 12 week old half cockerspaniel, half poodle puppy. I love to sleep underneath painting tables and find great enjoyment in biting ankles, chewing stuff (doesn't really matter what) and playing fetch

People refer to me as the "Workshop Puppy". And I'm very confident that I can pull my weight within the company. It's only 4 kilos anyways. 

If you ever come and visit, I love peanutbutter, liver-sausage and tuna-snacks. I also like walkies and sniffing butt

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